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Why Storytelling Matters
Helping Preteens Navigate a Sea of Change
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As kids get busier schedules, experience major life transitions, and turn to friends and social media for advice, it can be difficult for parents to find common ground with them.


IGIYG provides families a space to use storytelling to learn about each other and reconnect amidst all of this change.




IGIYG Features




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Get a Question

Press the button to receive a new prompt on demand

Enjoy the Conversation

Everyone answers

the question

(not just kids - parents, too!)

Tailor Your Content

Use the IGIYG App to rate questions you’ve used, and order more questions tailored for your child’s age and specific life circumstances


Sample Questions 

Five prompt categories designed to help families

express their ideas, recognize each other's value, and have fun

learning about each other through storytelling.

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